Our Municipality


Drive sustainable socio-economic development through efficient and innovative delivery of services


Nyandeni will achieve her vision through a capable institution that:
• Provides basic services to all her people
• Creates an enabling environment for inclusive economic growth and development, through investments attraction.
• Provides efficient integration and coordination of the delivery of infrastructure services.


• Diligence
• Promptness
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Participative
• Responsive
• Considerate



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NLM Ordinary Council Meeting
Nov 28, 2023


NLM Ordinary Council Meeting - 29 November 2023
Nov 28, 2023

Nyandeni Local Municipality Ordinary Council Meeting

2023 Mayoral Imbizos ITINERARY
Nov 13, 2023

Itinerary for the 2023 November Mayoral Imbizos

2023 Mayoral Imbizos
Nov 13, 2023

Mayoral Imbizos



Co-ordinate projects with Eskom, Identify funding for investment in electrical infrastructure and Identify projects to be implemented for electrical projects


We strive to ensure all parts of our municipality are accessible, by constructing sustainable road network infrastructure.

Waste Management

As a local government we are responsible for General Waste Management as stipulated in the schedule 5b of the Constitution of the Republic, National Environmental Management: Waste Act No 59 of 2008, National Waste Management Strategy

Emergency Service

Focuses on ensuring Nyandeni Local Municipality is a safe and healthy community.

Water & Sanitation

Provide quality water and sanitation services. Long term infrastructure planning to support the sustainable vision of the municipality.


Provide adequate, safe, affordable and sustainable accommodation, adminstered in a transparent manner in accordance with good governance

About Nyandeni

Nyandeni Local Municipality is a global city that is governed by an inclusive and innovative administration, focused on sustainable service delivery, socio-economic development, infrastructure development, local and regional integration through comprehensive initiatives.

Wild Life

We boast of a variety of unrivaled biodiversity in our serene natural environments.

Beautiful Scenary

Magnificent natural scenary where ever you go within our jurisdiction

Friendly People

Our people believe in the principle of Ubuntu and we assure you, you will always be welcome.

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